Iran sports minister in stable condition: health min.

The Iranian health minister said that the sports minister Sajjadi who sustained serious injuries in Thursday's helicopter crash is in stable condition and will be transferred to Terhan to receive further treatment.


Speaking to reporters on Friday afternoon, the Iranian health minister Bahram Einolllahi said about yesterday's helicopter crash in Kerman Province in the southeast of the country, which had the sports minister Hamid Sajjadi on board, that "the medical and emergency measures in Kerman were done well and this caused the death toll not to increase."

Einollahi said that the injured sports minister is in stable condition, adding "bleeding in his head was minor and did not spread to other areas." He added the sports minister will recover, noting that one of his neck vertebrae is broken.

He continued, "30% of Mr. Sajjadi's lungs had been damaged."

Saying that as many as 19 people had been injured in the accident, the health minister added, "Currently, 4 patients are hospitalized in the ICU, while most of the injured have been discharged from the hospital."

A helicopter with Iranian Sports Minister Hamid Sajjadi crashed in the city of Baft, in the southern province of Kerman, killing the advisor to the minister by the name of Esmaeil Ahmadi.

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