The import of American and British vaccines is prohibited

The Leader referred to the coronavirus pandemic and hailed the efforts of the Iranian scientific society to produce vaccines for the treatment of the disease.


“The produced vaccine [in the country] is a source of pride; do not deny this. This is a source of honor.”

He said, of course the authorities are trying to procure the vaccine from different channels. However, he noted it should not be supplied from the US and the UK as they are not trusted.

“The import of American and British vaccines is prohibited,” Khamenei said

He also said he does not trust the two countries, adding, “Sometimes they want to try the vaccine on other nations.”

“If the Americans could produce a vaccine, they would not be in the state they are currently in. They would not be recording 4,000 deaths every day. Same with the UK,” he added.

The Leader also said that he does not trust France either, adding that if another country that Iran trusts produce a vaccine, the government would be allowed to import the vaccines from it.

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